10 Knots of Wind is All You Need to Kite With Us!

Kitesurf Cayman is open everyday there is wind from 8AM to 5:30PM. Kite Season is from November 1 through mid/end of July (Depending on the wind).

Lesson Rates

Private Lessons

​Learn at your pace 1-on-1!

This is the best way to learn this sport 

1-1 time and attention is what you need to improve your kite skills faster

2hr Intro Lesson ................  $280USD

Package for 6hrs  ............... $780USD


'Semi-Private" Lessons

​2 students, 1 kite, 1 instructor Studies show that people learning in pairs are able to help each other learn new things easier - a great way to try kitesurfing or to learn the basics fast!

2hrs  .............. $160USD per person


Advanced Lessons

​Push your skills to the next level with our instructors using Radio Helmets

you will step up a notch in no time!  

1hr Lesson.................  $150USD


  Learn to Kite by using our Step by Step System!


Everyone learns at a different pace. At Kitesurf Cayman, we teach using a step by step system which allows for the student to progress quickly. If you are not a quick learner, that is OK! We will go at your pace. 


  • Want to learn to kite quickly? We reccomend a one on one private lesson. If you are not sure if kiting is for you or if you just want a taste of the sport, we reccomend a semi-private  lesson.

  •  Why should you choose a private lesson over a semi-private lesson? Lots of schools teach in groups. In group lessons, multiple students share one kite. While this may sound less expensive, in the long run it is more expensive to progess your kite skills as more lessons will be required. 


When you arrive for your lesson, you will meet your instructor and suit up into your kite gear. You will then learn how to set up a kite, use the kite's safety system and fly a trainer kite on land. Once this is complete, you and your instructor will proceed with your lesson on a full size kite in the water. All private and semi-private lessons are 2 hours unless otherwise noted.


Have a fear of deep water? No worries! You can stand in 70-80% of the waters at our beach.


What should you bring to your lesson? 

 - UV Shirt / Rashguard

 - Sunscreen

 - Water / Snacks

 - Water Shoes (If you have) if you don't, we will provide a pair for you

 - A Big Smile for this new adventure  

Contact Us for Local Rates! Proof of Residency is required.

Hydrofoil Lessons

Hydrofoil it's the perfect addition to your kite skills exttending your days on the water so your kite season will be a much longer one. With a minimun of 8 knots of wind you can reach up to 30+ knots of speed, higher upwind & downwind angles turning those frustating light wind days into a fun day cruising for long distances flying above the water.


We have the best school program on the market right now, with different mast sizes that we will use according to your improvement during your lessons making the learning curve a much more easy and fun one.


Check our video 

The learning process can be very frustrating if you want to learn on your own. That's why we offer this program to guide you until you feel 100% confident


* Students must know how to ride upwind

* We supply a kite if the wind conditions are not   strong enough or to strong for your own kite 

* Local rates availible! Proof of residency is required  


1 Lesson includes:

* Boat assistance (depending on the student's level)

* Radio helmet

* 1 hour private coaching 

* Foil rental after the lesson (up to 2 hours)   


1 Lesson............................300USD

3 Lessons package..........700USD

1 Hour advance lesson....150USD

1/2 Day rental.....................80USD

Full day rental...................100USD


Kite Gear / Equipment Rentals

Need to purchase kite gear? Waterman Cayman Surf Co. has what you need to get you onto the water! The shop is located in the Galleria Plaza on Seven Mile Beach. You will be able to find both new and used gear.


Waterman Cayman Surf Co. also offers package deals which include your kite lessons at Kite Surf Cayman, a new kite, harness and board. Visit them at www.watermancayman.ky.

Need to rent kite equipment? Contact us for a quote!