The Story of Kitesurf Cayman

Walter Fajette met Jhon Mora at his kite school while vacationing in Peru. He loved Jhon's teaching technique and brought Jhon to The Cayman Islands for 3 months. Walter then partnered with Neil Galway and purchased kite equipment and Kitesurf Cayman was born. Now operating in it's 11th season, Kitesurf Cayman is one of the best places in the world to learn to kite.
We are very proud to be involved with the growth of our amazing kite community since it's inception. Our priority is learning in a safe environment and to introduce new people to the sport of kiting. Watching new kiters grow makes us proud to do what we do. We always use the best equipement on the market provided by Waterman Cayman Surf Co.
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Walter is one of the founders of Kitesurf Cayman.


Born in Italy, Walter moved to the Cayman Islands 18 years ago. Since then, he has developed what is probably the best kiteboarding school in The Cayman Islands. Walter has worked hard to create a kiteboarding school that provides customized lessons in a fun and safe environment. At Kitesurf Cayman, tuition is tailored to suit the individual and support staff and a support boat are on hand at all times. Lessons take place at Barkers Beach in safe, shallow, uncrowded waters.


Kitesurf Cayman’s one-to-one teaching technique in a quiet, open area of warm, crystal clear water means students can concentrate on learning while having fun in a relaxed, informal environment.


Neil is one of the founders of Kitesurf Cayman.


Neil is known as one of the first kiters of the Cayman Islands. He has been kiting and windsurfing for over 20 years and also enjoys big wave riding. He was one of the original kite gear importers of Cayman and he has since passed the sport down to his children who are also active kiters. If you want to find Neil, you can always find him enjoying the extreme conditions of a Nor'wester when one hits the Cayman Islands. 


Neil is also a passionate sailor and owns his own sailing company called Sail Cayman. Check out the site here.


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Jhon is Owner & Instructor for Kitesurf Cayman.

Jhon has been kiting for 16 years and has over 8 years of professional kiteboard experience. He is orginially from Colombia and has been in the Cayman Islands for 11 years. He has traveled the world to compete and loves strong winds combined with speed which let him jump high into the air under his kite.


As an IKO instructor, he has taught in Colombia, Ecuador, the Cayman Islands and Peru. Jhon participated in the Kite Racing World Cup in 2013-2014 and was ranked the number 6 kite racer in the world (2014) IKA Ranking . He also was the Central & South American Champion in 2013 and the Champion in Panama at the Mercedes Benz Kite Race.


Jhon can be found here in Cayman between the months of November and July. If he's not answering his phone (916-5483) you can find him teaching at Barkers Beach in West Bay.


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Coming from Dominican Republic one of the hot spots in the World for Kitesurfing where he has taught  hundreds of students for the past 12 years and now we have the pleasure to have it as part of our team. Javier is passionate about his students progression, and he is best known on the beach for his contagious smile and helpful nature. 
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Hailing from Ecuador, this is Matias' first season with Kitesurf Cayman. Matias has been teaching in the Carribean with schools in different countries and is enjoying the windy season on Cayman's crystal clear waters. Matias' experience and patience will have you up and riding very quickly.